To stay close to the DNA of BSCDB meetings and to maximize the chemistry and interactions at a meeting, we continue to organize this BSCDB autumn meeting as a small and safe “live-only face-to-face meeting”. 

We hope to welcome all speakers and participants live (with face mask). Nonetheless, should speakers from abroad risk - in one or the other direction - a Covid19 quarantine period, then we will happily accommodate them to give a videoconferencing presentation from their home. As for the attendees, who are mostly local scientists - we go for physical attendance. Only, when there is a need to further reduce the number of attendees, we will offer “hybrid” attendance. 

Poster sessions will be replaced by e-posters, poster flash talks and face-to-face interactions (more information will be provided in acceptance letter).

There will be no extension of application the deadline (Sept 7)!



Our leading priority is always the health and safety of our guest. It is possible the Covid-19 situation will change and get worse. So please follow our flash updates on the situation.


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