Meetings under the auspices or with participation of the society

  • EMBO workshop on Bacteriophage (Rhode-St-Genèse, 8 and 14 May 1975). Organisers: A. Toussaint and R. Thomas.
  • Colloquium on Acetabularia (Rhode-St-Genèse, 9 May 1975). Organiser: J. Brachet.
  •  International symposium on Bird Oogenesis and Early Development (Antwerpen, 22-24 June 1979). Organiser: L. Vakaet.
  • International conference on Plant Growth Substances (Bruxelles, 4 September 1975). Organiser: J. Homes.
  • International symposium on Microtubules and Microtubular Inhibitors (Beerse, 3-6 September 1975). Organiser: M. De Brabander.
  • International symposium on Cell Polarity, Cellular Transport and Cytoskeleton (Bonn, 18-22 March 1985), in collaboration with the German Society for Cell Biology.
  • International symposium on Cell Biological Basis of Ageing (Veldhoven, 15-16October 1987), in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Cell Biology.
  • Multidisciplinary conference on The Receptors (Louvain-en-Woluwé, 19 November 1988). Organisers: E. Coche and M. Lambert.
  • International symposium on Cell Movement (Antwerpen, 22-23 November 1990), in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Cell Biology. Organiser: F. Harrisson.
  • AntwerpEM, Symposium on Electron Microscopy in the Analysis of Cell Membrane Dynamics (Antwerpen, 10-11 December 1992), in collaboration with the Belgian and Dutch Societies for Electron Microscopy. Chairman: F. Roels.
  • International symposium on Immunochemistry and Allied Techniques (Brussel, 1-3 September 1993), in collaboration with the Royal Microscopical Society (Oxford), the Belgian Society for Clinical Cytology, the Belgian Society for Electron Microscopy and the Belgian Society for Pathology. Organisers: A. Geerts and M. Kirsch-Volders.
  • International symposium on Calcium Signalling (Bruxelles, 13-15 June 2002), in collaboration with the European Calcium Society. Organiser: R. Pochet.
  • International symposium on Peroxisomes (Gent, 26-28 September 2002). Organiser : F. Roels.

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